Digitizing your brand.

To direct your brand’s digital journey we have gathered all the right back end and front end development professionals. They create the right digital landscape and online tools to sell your brand, your products, your services and your company. Turning hardcore interfacing into digital interaction on perfectly programmed online and offline platforms. Define. Code. Repeat.


Think twice.

It all starts with remaking the digital world on your own terms. We like to understand your operations, your business, your protocols and your customers. It is at the core of an effective digital strategy and the basis for online interaction. Before we build a website, app or any other digital platform we carefully define the overall structure of the system. It can save massive amounts of effort later. Because in a badly designed technical framework we will spend more time fighting the system than using it. We like to work on our own terms. Like to make all parameters apply to us. Like to second-guess ourselves to get better.


Build once.

In the end, the digital world is what we make of it. The internet is not just one thing. It’s a collection of things. Numerous communication networks that interface in different digital dialects. But it’s basically the same language. One we are fluent in. We navigate the oceans of data on which your company website is floating. We don’t merely keep it afloat. We like to steer it in the right direction. We create websites, apps and digital tools that technically enhance your brand. Things that usually don’t fit into a standard template. Online instruments that need digital programming done right - without exception.


Enhance endlessly.

Yet, there is no end to perfection. You’ve simply got to code. And re-code. Again and again. Most people want things to go perfectly. They only like to get started once technical conditions are met. We simply focus on making do with how things are right now. Every project we have done has gained us more experience. We never stop learning as online and offline worlds merge because of smart phones and social media and because of ever changing devices, standards, browsers and legislation. We know adding functionality to your digital platform is not just adding code. It’s turning technical interfaces into online interaction.


Where we come from.

After having spent a decade in IT, we did not want to be technical engineers anymore. We wanted to program. We wanted to code. Because it’s fun. We think it is great to live in the digital age. All things just keep getting better. And we work daily to get better at them. But digital is not the destination. It is merely a fast way to get where you wanna be. In the end we want to awe users on your digital platforms.

Who we are.

We're a bunch of experienced talent who really understand how to create and deliver digital innovation. We may either build, blueprint, advice, code, manage, develop, research, animate, operate, host or update your digital platform. But we're all professionals. At our best when we work together for clients that trust us to do what they themselves cannot.

Yet sometimes, all that talent just isn't enough. That is why we entrust most strategic designs and hard core brand communication to the experts of our sister company WADM (creative agency). They’re right next door. Making it easy for us digital nerds to collaborate with those creative geeks. Chances are you might run in to one of them around our offices.

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We work for them.

As we carefully select the professionals that work in our office, our agency has been carefully selected as well by these companies and brands. They have used our capabilities to enable technical interfaces and turn those into digital interaction.

Burger Group

What we actually do.

With our tried and tested programming prowess we can address your back office issues, digital developments and online communications. Help you grow your digital business with blueprinting, programming and monitoring. Define. Code. Repeat.

Our capabilities