We'll create an optimal digital landscape for whatever you sell in the analog world.

We believe in specializing. Relying on our own technical expertise when it comes to web applications, websites, webshops, back office couplings and API integrations. That is why we keep on developing. Use all day programming to keep our digital prowess on top level. It’s what makes our clock tick. Making sure your platforms are digitally prepared for seemingly impossible database synchronizations, complex device control on the Internet of Things or ready for whatever GDPR legislation might throw at them. Using all our capabilities to fit your business strategy with blueprinting, programming and monitoring. Define. Code. Repeat.

From interfacing to technical design.
  • Functional design
  • Data analysis
  • Data flowchart
  • Technical design
  • Database design (relational and NoSQL)
  • Marketing automation
  • Online behavioral targeting
  • Personalized website experience
  • Adaptive and responsive website experience
  • Smart dynamic digital signage
From prototype to digital platform.
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • API integrations
  • Back office (ERP,CRM,PIM) interfacing
  • Database interfacing
  • eCommerce and payment integrations
  • Realtime Dashboards (KPI)
  • NFC and iBeacons Technology
  • MVP and rapid prototyping
From monitoring to interaction.
  • App and website monitoring (error logging)
  • User behavior monitoring
  • App and website analytics
  • Server monitoring
  • Database management (Firebase, NoSQL, relational)
  • Website content management system (Wordpress)
  • Feed management platform (FeedCommerce)
  • Digital signage platforms (PADS / Xibo)
  • Digital experience platform (PIMCORE)
  • Event experience app (LIFR)

Curious what we can do for you?

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