FeedCommerce is a joint venture of Netprofiler and INLINE. Netprofiler is a digital analytics company specialized in online metrics and improving online results. Combining their daily monitoring with our development skills resulted in FeedCommerce.

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FNV is The Netherlands’ largest labor union boasting over one million members. By negotiating collective labor agreements they best serve their members interests. More than two million Dutch workers are covered by one of such agreements. Besides that, FNV provide individual legal aid in disputes over jobs or income.

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Zuid-Hollands Landschap

Zuid-Hollands Landschap (ZHL) is an non-governmental organization with a not-for-profit goal: to protect and preserve the natural landscape in the Dutch province South-Holland. It has a charitable status and is entirely funded by donations. ZHL purchase land and turn it into nature preserves. Those grounds are maintained and opened to the public.

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Calex is the retail brand for lighting products of the Rotterdam company Electro Cirkel. The Calex product range consists of innovative and trendsetting energy saving lamps and LED lighting. All lamps are distributed world wide by retailers or under private label. In an ever increasing number of European countries you will find Calex lamps on the shelves of building material wholesalers, supermarkets and department stores.

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As a technical wholesaler Rensa take a prominent place in the markets for heating, ventilation and power management. With a modern logistical concept Rensa deliver products nation wide to professional installers in housing construction and non-residential building. The Rensa Central Services office is located in Didam with additional locations and service desks present in various Dutch cities.

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Swoop retails second hand electronic products (smart phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches) to extend the life span of such devices. The company started repairing smart phones at the kitchen table and has now grown into a full service retail formula with more than 30 employees and five stores with service desks.