FeedCommerce is a joint venture of Netprofiler and INLINE. Netprofiler is a digital analytics company specialized in online metrics and improving online results. Combining their daily monitoring with our development skills resulted in FeedCommerce.


The amount of online shopping channels has seen unprecedented growth in the last years. All these ad channels (such as Google Shopping) and Comparison Shopping Engines determine their own specifications for product feeds like data, images and pricing. Many webshops find it hard to connect their online product offering to such channels.



With FeedCommerce you can make a unique shopping feed that fits any shopping channel. When importing CSV/XML feeds, FeedCommerce will automatically structure your product data to match all possible channel specifications. Unclear product names and categories will be automatically complemented or corrected. You can even limit your product offering to shopping channels by applying specific filters within FeedCommerce. Data are combined, recalculated and presented as new product feeds to your shopping channels on a daily basis.

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Every URL in a product feed is provided with unique tags for Google Analytics. It enables powerful analytics to measure your feed marketing activities. You can retrieve these online performances (visitor amount, bounce percentage, conversion, turnover etc.) for all shopping channels, brands, product categories and products in Google Analytics.

This analysis will give you insights to instantly adjust and optimize your online marketing efforts. It will show you exactly what channels, product categories, brands or products yield the best results. FeedCommerce presents all statistics in clear reports to steer your current campaigns in the right direction. The same way you would tinker with your Google AdWords campaigns.


Products with a low conversion rate or ROI can be automatically taken out of the product feed. The FeedCommerce system checks performances every day and will ensure that your shopping channels achieve better results. Making your marketing efforts more profitable.

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