Automation, Google Maps Integration

FNV is The Netherlands’ largest labor union boasting over one million members. By negotiating collective labor agreements they best serve their members interests. More than two million Dutch workers are covered by one of such agreements. Besides that, FNV provide individual legal aid in disputes over jobs or income.


FNV asked INLINE to program an appointment scheduler to accommodate all local branches in The Netherlands. That way FNV desired to unburden the telephonic contact center by enabling members and non-members to easily schedule appointments with staff members in an online diary.


FNV offers several types of service, spread over 40 trade union houses nationwide. Each location holds a separate diary scheduling different employees and different services - making it quite complex. To better visualize the system architecture and image all optimal features we started testing interactive wireframes. This prototype helped FNV to run through all possible customer-journeys.


Visitors are redirected to the online scheduler from various different FNV websites. To continually request availabilities and book appointments in multiple independent diaries we have created a custom Application Programming Interface (API). It helps visitors to see available time slots for different services based on postal code or Google Maps pinpointing. These actions show the three nearest available locations for an appointment. Alternative dates can also be browsed. When making an appointment address details are validated online by PostNL (national postal service). All further communication gets automatic follow-through via e-mail and instant phone messaging. Meanwhile the FNV contact center uses a custom interface to book all appointments made by phone into the same online scheduler.

Different agendas
Scheduled appointments


To manage and control all locational diaries FNV have access to a separate back-end system. At INLINE we also perform continuous server monitoring with 24/7 support.

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