Application, Vertical Integration

As a technical wholesaler Rensa take a prominent place in the markets for heating, ventilation and power management. With a modern logistical concept Rensa deliver products nation wide to professional installers in housing construction and non-residential building. The Rensa Central Services office is located in Didam with additional locations and service desks present in various Dutch cities.


The annual Rensa customer event is organized at ten different dates and locations in The Netherlands, close to customers. The event is visited by more than 2,000 people. Rensa and about 40 manufacturers present themselves at all locations. Rensa was looking for a digital tool to make sure sales efforts and results are maximized and lead generation is optimized during the event.


Our research showed that many visitors own a smart phone that does not allow wireless contacting. And we found that some visitors deem smart phones at such events inappropriate. Which forced our hand to build a combined online/offline system. It used ID cards and a mobile app to exchange contact information and product interests between clients and sales representatives. We built a mobile prototype to test contacting via Wireless NFC cards and via scanning QR codes. To obtain universal support by iOS platforms and Android platforms we decided to use QR scanning.


Visitors were digitally invited to attend the event and given a visitor badge with a personal QR code upon entry. Exhibition crews used native iOS and Android applications on a smart phone to log in to a central database. Each crew member was able to register every contact by scanning the QR code on the visitor badge with their smart phone. The event app recognized the visitor and crew members could add notes and a conversation rating. All data was saved on the smart phone and automatically synced to a cloud database and to cross media marketing software.

Number of conversations



To give Rensa easy access to the contact database we built a custom dashboard: the Rensa Connect platform. It allows Rensa and all exhibition crew members to log in and review the sales conversations they had at the event. All data can be monitored, analyzed and exported to CRM software or Microsoft Excel. INLINE took care of implementation, app stores acceptance, analytics and live support during the events.

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