Back-end, High-end

Swoop retails second hand electronic products (smart phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches) to extend the life span of such devices. The company started repairing smart phones at the kitchen table and has now grown into a full service retail formula with more than 30 employees and five stores with service desks.


Swoop was looking for a custom made solution for online product intake. To simplify buying and selling smart phones from and to customers. The intake procedure had to be as simple and fast as possible to increase the amount of second hand products offered to Swoop. It had to include an online valuation module to communicate the purchasing price offered by Swoop. Also, the online shipment procedure (to send devices to Swoop) had to be very intuitive for consumers.


At INLINE we took care of the complete technical realization in collaboration with Younify. The Swoop front end user access has been integrated with a Magento Webshop. Online customers are presented a wizard to help them select their device and to receive an indication of its value. To accommodate this process we have built a high performance search engine with Apache Solr (Solar). The Swoop back end has its own Application Programming Interface (API) to link the platform to other media, devices or applications like Exact ERP.


Every device offered for sale is automatically checked in the Police database via API. It protects Swoop from unknowingly buying stolen goods. After each transaction shipping labels and and intake forms are generated as Portable Document File (PDF). The postal service API is used to validate address details.

Apart from Swoop’s digital platform, INLINE have also built a separate reseller platform. Every reseller can easily use the Swoop tool within their own website and thus offer their own intake of electronic devices. Resellers can monitor those intakes on their own private dashboard. Microsoft Excel files can be imported and exported to help intake of large quantities of devices.


Swoop’s agility forces INLINE to constantly gear up their development speed. Recently a back-end extension was made for the sales dashboard and Swoop service point staff can now use a tablet wizard for value appraisal of intake products. Meanwhile the Swoop product range (and platform) has been expanded to include game consoles and audio streaming devices.

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